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A data-driven email marketing suite specifically designed for ecommerce brands

Done for you

This is our premium solution for companies looking for a hands-off approach. When a client chooses this route, we perform a thorough audit of their branding and develop a customized marketing strategy. Our team will execute all the nitty-gritty details of your email marketing plan, including automation, backend marketing, campaigns, and reporting.


We give you all the tools you need to implement a successful email program using your own internal resources. We provide resources to best use email, Facebook Messenger, and SMS to market your ecommerce brands. Remember, it’s do-it-yourself, not do-it-alone—our team will be there to support you whenever you need us.

Done with you

We are your support team, partner, and consultant, lending a hand with strategy and backend configuration. The done-with-you plan includes our exclusive onboarding workshop, where you’ll walk away with a detailed framework for email marketing. You’ll have all you need to bridge the gap between what you can do in-house and what you need to outsource to our team.

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