Evanesce New York is the one stop shop for beauty gurus around the world. As beauty becomes more of a healthy lifestyle practice rather than just a vanity thing, people are constantly looking for ways to give their skin the kind of care it needs and deserves.

This particular need is what drives the growth of Evanesce New York, with their focus on the skincare niche. Their skincare essentials include anti-acne treatments, anti-aging products, cosmetics, and many more.

Like any growing company, Evanesce was looking for ways to expand their revenue channels to ensure sustainability. 

In need of an effective email marketing strategy, Evanesce reached out to Chronos Agency and collaborated with us back in 2017. 

Their goal was to come up with an email marketing strategy that would provide them with consistent revenue and a tribe of loyal customers.



Launching an email marketing strategy from scratch

It’s one thing to run and grow your business, and another thing to launch an additional channel for revenue. 

As an email marketing agency specializing in “Done-For-You” solutions, we really had to step in and make sure that we exceeded Evanesce’s monthly goals. 

Basically, the Evanesce team was able to focus on their core expertise and activities like media buying and fulfillment while they let our team at Chronos handle the reins on all things email marketing.


The challenge was to create a strategy that would open an opportunity for Evanesce to enjoy sustainable revenue from email. Part of the challenge was to also create a thriving community of loyal customers. 

With the help of Chronos Agency, Evanesce was able to establish itself as a brand that did exactly those things.



Innovation and precise execution of data-driven strategies

After some brainstorming and familiarization with the store, Chronos Agency maintained a close working relationship with the team from Evanesce. 

Innovation was at the heart of the strategy as we focused on creating content and campaigns that would translate into revenue. 

The technique was to deliver content that the customers found relevant. To do this, we conducted regular split-tests one after the other. Since we were just starting to build an email marketing strategy for them, we wanted it to be largely data-driven and heavy on research.



Consistent split testing and optimization of content

The main strategy was to identify key opportunities that could generate value from the traffic Evanesce was getting. 

First, we conducted an audit of the core customer journey and implemented automated flows that captured additional value at key “leak points”. 

In other words, we identified where and how the business was losing customers. And then we optimized their marketing strategies in order for them to bring back lost customers and even bring in completely new ones in the process. 

We even optimized the lead capture funnel to increase the overall number of conversions.

Next, we invested in heavy research and in-depth analysis of the type of content that appealed to the customers. This involved continuous split testing and further optimization of both flow and campaign strategies. The automated email flows were extended to focus on the delivery of valuable content so as to continue building deeper relationships with customers.



Increase in business bottom line thanks to email marketing

After partnering with Chronos Agency, Evanesce was able to see a boost in their email marketing revenue. In the first two weeks alone, it grew from 2% to 5% which instantly covered their email marketing cost. At this point, any additional revenue generated is just pure ROI. 

Within two months of testing, optimization, and upgrading efforts, we saw a 10x improvement in ROI from email marketing. Evanesce was able to generate 22% of total revenue from email marketing.

As of April 2018, 33% of Evanesce’s total revenue was from email marketing alone using Klaviyo. Their email list itself also increased from 20,000 to over 66,000.


Frequent split-testing and critical analysis of content raised content relevance with target customers.

This helped build customer relationships by showing the customers their needs are valued with each marketing email sent to them.

With customers receiving more relevant email content from the company, Evanesce has

seen a boost in their ROI. This, in turn, provided them with a sustainable email marketing strategy that generates revenue for the company.

This case study shows the value of relevant content and its role in increasing conversions and revenue.

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